Interdental Brush with Soft Bristles 40 Count


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Efficient Oral Cleaning:The toothpicks with bristles can easily clean the food residue, tartar, etc. between the teeth that the toothbrush cannot clean. Help your teeth keep healthy and white. The dental brush can be inserted directly between the teeth to clean up the residue effectively.

Essential Oral Care Tools:These braces brushes are essential oral cleaning tools for the family. Brushing your teeth after using the floss brush will greatly improve the efficiency of oral cleaning. Using these tooth cleaning tools can prevent various oral problems. Keep you away from bad breath, dental plaque, tartar, yellow teeth, toothache, tooth decay, etc.

High-quality Materials:Eco-friendly materials, durable, reusable, and safe. Easy to use, you can throw it away after use. Or you can reuse it after washing.

  • ·The bristles are soft stop irritation to your gums,suitable and safe for all the family to use.
  • The 360° bendable brush head can easily clean the blind corners of the braces, crowns, bridges, implants, and teeth.
  • The flat, non-slip handle makes it easier to clean teeth, and clean your teeth more efficiently.
  • Packed in a transparent box, lightweight and easy to carry.
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